No Fluff Facials: Results-Driven Treatments Only

Repair Facial

Improve the overall look and feel of your skin, with the Repair Facial! This facial helps to repair dehydrated skin, evens out skin complexion and improves cellular regeneration with a deep exfoliation. ($135)

Add extractions ($20)

*For All Skin Types*

Microdermabrasion (On-the-Go-Glow)

A microdermabrasion treatment will lighten, tighten, and brighten the skin, leaving you with a youthful glow! This treatment offers deep cleansing, exfoliation, and peel. ($155)

*For All Skin Types*

Facelift Facial

The Facelift Facial is considered a non-surgical "facelift" procedure, which helps increasing elasticity, smoothing lines, lifting skin, reducing furrow and crepinness. We use a low-level current and LED treatment, that mimics the body's natural current. ($175)

Add extractions ($20)

*For All Skin Types*

Fast Track Acne Facial

This is a "no frills" extractions facials. We include a lactic peel with skin clearing extractions, leaving your skin clearer and your mind at ease! ($130)

*For Oily/Acne Skin*

Full Clinical Repair

This is our all encompassing customized facial. The facial consists of cleansing, toning, tightening, firming, 50% lactic peel, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage massage, extractions and a nutritive/ remineralizing masque. ($215-$245)

*For All Skin Types*


An exfoliation procedure that removes the top layer of dead skin cells with the gentle use of a surgical scalpel. Dermaplaning is great for smoothing the skin (ensuring a flawless makeup application), lightening spots, reducing pore size, and removing vellus hair (peach fuzz). We also love to add lactic acid peels for deeper results! 

  • Dermaplaning ($110)
  • Dermaplaning Facial ($155) 

For Sensitive Skin / Not For Oily Acne Skin*


A luxurious skin treatment system that uses low frequency waves to perform aesthetic services in a unique and highly effective way. Great for skin tightening, hydration, firming, pigment reduction and acne improvement. ($215)

Add extractions ($20)

*For All Skin Types*

Dermasound Elite

This is our all encompassing, elite version of the Dermasound facial. The Dermasound Elite system provides superior exfoliation that intensifies and enhances the peeling action of chemical solutions. Extractions and microdermabrasion will ensure maximum product penetration for illuminating results. Perfect for skin smoothing, hydration, firming, pigment reduction, acne improvement. ($245)

*For All Skin Types*

Chemical Peels

Medium depth peeling for dramatic results in anti-aging, acne, scarring and pigment reduction.

  • Latic Peel- A lighter peel that helps to brighten and smooth skin, and is great for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Rapid Retexure- Vitamin A Peel that improves skin texture and smooths fine lines/ wrinkles. 
  • Discoloration Peel - A five berry pigment peel that helps with age, sun, and discoloration damage. 
  • Jessners Peel - A highly effective deep peel for anti-aging or severe acne.


Lip Mask for $5

Massaging Eye Lift Treatment for $15